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Do you have a domain registered? Something ending in a .com or .net, etc? If not then you probably don’t have a website. You could have a subdomain on another site, like Tumblr, YOURSITE.tumblr.com, but that is not the same as having your own site. If you want to have your own site you will need domain registration and web hosting. If you have it, and you want us to work on your site, just send us your information and we will get started.

If you do not have it, we will get you an inexpensive quote on a couple years of each, we recommend 3-5. Usually there are deals on 3-5 years and then you have some time before renewal. We can also set up your email during this process. To find out more, visit our Domain, Web, and Email Hosting section. Usually, it is between


What type of site?

What is your site meant to do?Is your site for selling online? Or is it for blogging your opinion? Maybe you just want a portfolio or maybe you want a more complex online accounting system, a social network like Facebook, or an online marketplace like EBay.

We can create whatever type of site you would like, and make it easy to manage and update, for yourself or your users. Just identify what level site you need. Below are the basic types of sites we come across, and typical pricing for these sites and their usual features.


  • Includes customized homepage, pages, and posts that can be categorized.
  • 4 default layouts included, for example homepage, content on right with sidebar on left, and content on left with sidebar on right, as well as full width content no sidebar.
  • Also will include contact page with form and map if desired.
  • Social media icons throughout site.

Content Animations

Homepage and theme can include sliders or animations. Max 3 animations or sliders for the price of $500. One “animation”, for example, can be a filterable grid of individual items, be them pages, posts, or other types of dynamic content. Items can be presented as images, links, and text content, and will also have a separate individual layout. Additional effects can be negotiated, this is a representation of a typical $500 flat rate blog or portfolio site – see below for additional features pricing.

Content Management System

If you do not already have a preferred content management system, then we like to use WordPress. We like it for is versatility, ease of use, and level of community and support. If you prefer a different content management system, or even an entirely different coding language or set up all together, that is fine too. We can work with whatever you like. This is a good step to identify what the goal is – changing aesthetics or functionality. Whatever the content management system or system language we will get the job done.

Always Mobile Compatible

We pride ourselves on ensuring that every site we create will be mobile compatible. Sometimes this is with a mobile redirect but more often we like to use a responsive design, meaning the design changes depending on the size of the devices screen. We often times use Bootstrap framework, because it has a light weight design and many easy to use functionality built in, that make responsive design easy and fast loading. It doesn’t matter if your framework is Magento or WordPress or whatever, we get the job done.

80/80 Rule

We believe that online marketing is all about numbers. For web development, the numbers are 80/80. We want 80% of end users to see your site 80% the same. This means we can forget about Internet Explorer 6, and all browsers of its generation and older, but we still need to check Internet Explorer 7 and all browsers of its’ age and newer, as well as mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets, of varying manufacturers, to ensure that 80% of end users can view the site. We know this cannot always be achieved with the expected look and functionality, so we try to ensure that it is at least 80% the same. The design falls back to a similar position, like video to image, or transparency to non-transparency, in order to preserve a similar look and feel for older browsers, without losing functionality. Often times our methods are advanced enough to make them nearly identical across the board – but we shoot for a minimum of 80% of end users view a site that is 80% the same for everyone.

E-Commerce sites include everything that Blog and Portfolio Sites do – they just also have a store. With the store, you also get: 

  • filterable product listing area
  • individual product layouts
  • a cart
  • a checkout
  • shipping settings
  • weight settings
  • payment gateways
  • order status
  • user account information

All customized to match your brand. These prices do not include graphic design, including template design and reviewing process, but much of this work can initially be overlooked, as long as we had the same amount of material needed for a Blog or Portfolio Site would need – like a logo and color palette.

A social networking site can include all of the same features of a Blog or Portfolio website, but is much much more. It also would include: 

  • Individual user accounts
  • multiple user registration levels and pricing
  • User templates or themes
  • User account area and options – like photo uploading
  • Status updates, live chat, etc.

These sites can be a lot like Facebook, or more like Tumblr. They can have many options, or few options. The design can be highly customized, or “plain jane” and pretty much out of the box. So, with that being said, the price can vary depending on the features requested. Please contact us for a quote.

Marketplaces can also include anything that a Blog or Portfolio Site has, and definitely will include everything an E-Commerce Site has, but is in many ways like a Social Networking Site, except, instead of just talking, people can sell things to other users and even first time site visitors. Visitors can come and buy, or even sign up and start selling. So, a Marketplace, is like multiple E-Commerce Sites, with a Blog, Portfolio, or E-Commerce Site, itself. Again, please contact us for a quote.
We offer additional features as packages. Some of the above packages come with default features. These features can be expanded on. The first time you order additional features, we charge $250.00 beyond the packages mentioned above. This guarantees you three (3) additional template areas to be developed, and up to three (3) additional animated areas. These can be used on new archives, new sliders, new dashboard features, and more, beyond what is above. This typically applies to blogs, portfolios, and e-commerce sites. Social media networks and marketplaces already need to be pre-negotiated, considering the features and pricing can vary quite a bit. 

Beyond the first additional features package, each additional template or animation can be negotiated on a flat rate fee, but will be a minimum of $100.00. If the work required is less than the work required in developing up to three (3) additional template areas and up to three (3) different animated areas, then you can rest assured the price will not exceed $250.00. This is because of our use of frameworks. When we create a template, we can reuse that template to create slightly different templates, or templates with similar features. Same with animations, when we make a slider, we choose a framework we can use in the future on more sliders, and so on and so forth, the list goes on. This is why the price has a trickling down effect, wherein, the more features you buy upfront, the less features cost going forward. We always try to estimate the time additional features will take, charging our clients a fair, fixed, and flat rate, roughly $25.00 times the hours we expect the development of the additional features to take.

Typically, website maintenance is done on a routine, month to month, basis. We ask that our clients set up a retainer with us, equal to the total amount of work that is typically needed each month. Many websites require only about an hour or two per month, to complete simple automated updates. 

Sometimes these updates can cause errors or complications on your site, our technicians then need to resolve. This is why we request a retainer. Each month we may only use up to an hour of the retainer, requiring a refill every few months, however, in some cases we use the entire retainer in a single month, to ensure all technologies deployed during development work together and are up to date.

Staying updated is important. We use many highly recommended frameworks during many of our site developments, so it is critical to receive updates to these frameworks, not only to continue receiving newer and better features, but also to remain secure. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more details.

Designed by Our Developers

When designing a site we need a few things. We need something for the header area of the site, something to begin the template. At least a color palette, some fonts, something. Every piece of advertising has a design. That design is based on some base concepts, like shapes and colors that convey and overall feeling. That is what our clients website’s need as well.

If you have completed your branding, as mentioned above, and have a logo, color palette, fonts, and overall styling, then you do not necessary need graphic design. Our developers look at and create many different styles of websites day in and day out. You could trust our judgement to use your branding and create a site, “on the fly”, however our developers see fit. These sites usually come out pretty great. Most developers have an eye for design, just like designers.


This options costs a lot less money. We offer many graphic design packages. If you opt to letting the developer choose the design, then you save money by not purchasing the graphic design packages.


Our web development packages only include 5-10 hours of revisions per package. These revisions are typically reserved to make long lists of changes near the completion of a web design project. Once a client has us code and develop a site or an archive, they can use these 5-10 hours to tell us to change the font sizes, colors, widths, and porportions of any number of items found within that area. This is not, however, usually enough to completely overhaul the appearance or aesthetics of a site. The graphic design packages come with a review process, designed to ensure client satisfaction, in a more visually complimentary way.


Designed by Our Designers

Getting our graphic designers to design your site before development is the best option. We encourage our clients to choose this option because it is the best way to monitor the outcome of their site. Through a multiple review process, our clients can decide exactly how their site will look. Then our developers can use these designs, slicing them into images to be used in the development of their new website. In the end, our clients new live website will look identical to how it looks in the finished designs.


Clients have get a three (3) review process, thus they are able to see, review, and receive exactly what they want or expect in their designs. There is more client interaction, more ideas arise from more interaction. Graphic design pricing is extremely scaleable and affordable, so you get more for less, and don’t have to worry about costs of designs piling up too much.


Not mainy Cons. The only Con is that our services aren’t free. Clients can skip paying for graphic design by letting our developers design their site, and trying to review the design with in a 5-10 hour revision time.