We are glad you are considering working with us. Here we will detail our “terms and conditions” or special conditions that will apply to each agreement we make with our clients. We try to make our services scale-able in price and features, but we also ensure each of our customers gets the same quality service, time and time again. With our straight forward packages, pricing, and terms and conditions, you can rest assure your project will be completed to your satisfaction. Our agents and technicians go above and beyond to address all of your concerns and go the extra mile to make sure our campaign is a success.

Pricing Agreements

Our pricing can be flat or hourly. The packages listed in our site that specify a flat rate, include all features listed on the site, or described via email from your agent. Any flat rate set by an agent via email is final, it can be less or more than specified on this site, if your project significantly differs from our pricing structure. We can also negotiate your project at an hour rate, wherein we will give you an estimate of hours on your project, and your accept our estimate. Payments on hourly rates can be in advance or on project completion.

Flat Rate Agreements

Typically, we can arrange a flat rate on any project. We feel this is the best way to do business. You will know what you are paying, for sure, and what you are getting, for sure. We only offer hourly rates for on going work, work that cannot be accurately estimated, and clients who simply prefer to work this way. Otherwise, we prefer flat rate projects, to keep both parties happy. For flat rate projects, we expect half up front, before we begin work. We expect the second half’s payment, within 5 business days of project completion. We consistently alert our clients, so the additional weeks worth of time will be something our clients are expecting. Usually, we agree on a project completion date in the beginning, and we always meet our deadlines, so just be sure you are willing to pay with 5 business days of the due date you set for the project.

For example…

Say a new client wants a new website developed. The provide all the graphics and they simply want us to create a website with their graphics. Let’s imagine it is a interior designer, who simply wants a portfolio of their work online. We offer them our Portfolio web development package for $500. Before we begin working, we would not only need all credentials and materials required to develop the site, but also $250, or the first half’s payment, as a show of good faith. Everyone says they want a website, but we need to see our clients commit to half up front.

From there, we make a development website, create our clients new site, and present it to them. At that point, they are in control. They can ask for revisions, ask questions on how to use their site, even make their own edits on the development site. Usually, for flat rate projects, we agree on a set amount of time for revisions, typically 5-10 hours on full site development. We reserve revisions to sense-able changes, like sidebar width, font size or color, etc. We do not allow our clients to request vast amounts of content creation and feature requests, without an additional project beginning, wherein the client is charged appropriately. We always try to get things right the first time, but we have to charge if YOU change your mind drastically mid-project.

Once the client approves the development site, after making appropriate revisions if necessary, we launch the site. Once the site is live, and the project is 100% complete, we expect the second half’s payment, in this case $250, to be made, within 5 business days (7 days if you include the weekend).

Hourly Rate Agreements

Paying on completion…

If a project is going to take less than 5 hours, or this is our first project together and the project will take less than 15 hours, then we are more than happy to take the project, and be paid on completion. We would create an estimate on the work, and you would be expected to authorize this amount of time. This does not guarantee that the project will be done for that amount of hours. That would defeat the purpose of hourly rate agreements. If you would like to guarantee the cost of a project to be completed, please see the Flat Rate Agreements section above. What does that mean? That means if we say a project will take 4 hours, but there are complications, like the client not sending images they agreed to send, etc, it can be longer, like 6 hours, etc. Just an example, but we try to quote as accurately as possible.

For an additional fee of $1 per hour, our clients can get images or video of our work in progress.

Paying in advance…Setting up a Retainer

We expect that all clients who want to get more than 5 hours of work, or first time clients that want more than 15 hours of work, either negotiate a flat rate, or pay a retainer, or pay for hours in advance. You can request work be done, receive an estimate on how long individual tasks, and then pay that many hours, in advance. For projects longer than 20 hours of work, we recommend going with a flat fee structure, if possible. Otherwise, only half of the hourly work is required to be paid in advance, just as a flat fee project would be structured.


Clients who return to use for work, two consecutive months, are required to set up a retainer. This means, if you want us to post an ad on your site each month, taking 2 hours per time, occurring only once per month, you have to set up a retainer. The retainer must be equal to twice your average project. Meaning, on average, if your project takes 2 hours a month, you have to set a bill date for 4 hours. So, if your hourly rate is $25, as it typically is, and you usually need 2 hours of a work a month, or $50, you must pay $100, on the 1st, or the 15th. If it takes 2 months to use the 4 hours, you pay $100 every other month. Either way, hours are taken from the retainer until it is depleted. Retainers are required to be refilled within 5 business days of completion. This is to stop clients from asking for 1 page to be posted each month – which can be tedious and is unnecessary. All of our clients are provided the opportunity to be trained on updating their own websites, which we make a breeze. So, we try to prevent people from using on 2 hours of our time a month, unless, the are willing to pay $100 every other month – basically consistently paying for ongoing work in advance.

Review Process

As a means of quality assurance, we offer two types of review processes that are based on the type and magnitude of your project. For all graphic design projects, you get up to three (3) reviews. For large web development projects, you receive up to ten (10) hours of revision work. For small projects that take less than three(3) hours to complete, reviews are given at our discretion.Unfortunately, reviews cannot continue forever unpaid. If for any reason you are still dissatisfied after exhausting all your reviews or revision hours but would like to continue working with us, extra reviews/revision hours can be added for an additional fee.

Payment Methods

Our clients are sent electronic invoices via email can then pay with a credit or debit card. There is no fee and the transaction is secured through a third party. Clients may also request in advance to pay by cash or check and in most cases this can be arranged.

Other Terms and Agreements

All information disclosed via email or electronic invoices is binding. If you agree on terms and conditions with one of our agents, then it is set in stone, regardless of what this website says. This website is meant to show our potential clients how we typically handle business. We try to be as fair and flexible as possible.

A lot of the time, our agents will negotiate on pricing and features, go above and beyond to stay within your budget, and offer an effective campaign. This is why we must include a disclaimer that the website is as accurate as possible – but again, we are flexible. All terms will be clearly defined on this website, or within text correspondence. Never will the terms of our agreement be word of mouth. We make sure we send every item of our agreement back to your in writing for your review.

Our main goal is to leave our clients feel happy and well served. We want to make you money via the best of the best in design and marketing, but also want to make it a fun and stress free process – as it should be! If you ever feel that this hasn’t happened, call us right away, and we will go above and beyond to promptly resolve your issue.