Social Media Management

Process Overview

Once you start working with us, we will get your social networking started or take what you may have already built, and grow each of your accounts. We try to have our clients include a specific list of accounts, on specific social media networks, that are being monitored by popular search engines.

Below we will describe a list of social media accounts that we recommend to our clients. Our goal is to get your accounts to have a larger following and more interactions more frequently. Reap the benefit from these interactions being monitored and even improve your site’s search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Our social media management process, is to maintain our clients social presence, and ensuring that it as real as a human being as possible. We want our clients social media accounts act as the personification of your company, that any person in the community could interact with.

We help you to generate posts that are informative, humorous, thought provoking, and ultimately attention grabbing enough to get the interaction that will help you get recognition you need to get found. Again, the interaction you get on social media accounts will allow your website to get higher positions in search results. Our clients social media account posts can be found within search results as well – enhancing your overall online visibility.

Social Media Pricing

Each account takes about 2 hours to create, on average. Accounts vary in the amount of content and customization allowed. Customizing each on average, both content and design, will take about 2 hours, about an hour on design, and about an hour on content.


Monthly Social Media Management

We can charge per hour, and per month, often setting up a retainer with our clients. Social media is an investment. We will want to check that you have invested in other ways as well before deciding how much to invest in social media management. Once you decide how much you typically will want to invest, versus your overall marketing budget, we can set up a monthly retainer. See our Terms and Conditions page for details on monthly retainers.

Month to Month Retainer Agreement

Google Plus Icon
First, every company should decide where they are going to store all of the access information to all of their accounts. It will be needed to update accounts and work with social media API. From time to time, this access needs to get passed around to staff, or different developers. For that reason, it is a good idea to use the same email account, that will be around seemingly forever, to access all of your social media accounts.Also, there is no doubt our clients will find Google products helpful, as they are highly comprehensive and free, etc. Google Analytics is one great example – there aren’t many other comparable options for analyzing the traffic of your website. This is why we usually suggest that each company or client we work with have or create a Google account that we can use to create and access all of their social media accounts. This Google account serves as a personal Google+ account, which counts as a connection as well as admin to a business page.
Youtube Icon
Business and maps pages are someone complex, mostly because Google hasn’t made up its mind what it is going to do with them. There was Google Maps, then Google Local Listings, meanwhile there was Blogger, Google+, which added Google+ Business Pages, which eventually became Google My Business, which is also connected with Google Maps / Google Local Listings.Also, Youtube is thrown in the mix, as the Google+ account, also is a Gmail, a Google Analytics, a Google Webmaster Tools, a Google Analytics, a Google Keyword Planner, and a Youtube account – we could go on.The names and configurations of synchronization of these accounts keep changing, and creating redundancy, but never the less, OMNIA Design and Marketing maintains a standardized solution at all times.
Facebook Icon
Facebook is a very important portion of social media marketing, as it is a very popular social network at the moment – potential the most popular of all of them. Twitter should be a close second. Either way, millions of users sign on to Facebook every day. OMNIA does not see Facebook advertising as a good return on investment. Instead, we would like our clients to create and promote company pages.Facebook company pages require personal pages as admins. These personal pages can be your real active account that you use every day, or you can request that we maintain a “dummy” account for you, used only to operate administrative privileges.Once a Facebook company page is created, it will need a portfolio picture, banner, a short description, contact information – and of course, posts!

At OMNIA Design and Marketing, we can do it all. We can create relative humorous posts, or help you to create interested and informational posts, related to your practice, or new events or breakthroughs in your company or industry. Eventually, with the help of interesting content, you page will get increased likes, and increased interaction, that grows with each passing day.

Twitter Icon
Twitter is an extremely popular social network. That is why it made the list. There almost isn’t a person in America who doesn’t know what it is. Although not everyone uses it, offering content on Twitter will make your customers and visitors feel more confident about the you message. So, it is great to make sure you have an account and are posting as much as you would on Facebook or other popular social networks.
LinkedIn Icon
LinkedIn is a very upscale professional network. Leads coming from this network will definitely be serious. The quality of leads should be pretty high compared to some you would get from other social networks. Personal accounts should reflect staff members, company page will have posts etc and show all staff etc.
Pinterest Icon
Pinterest seems to have been favored by Google in the past. That is why we recommend it now. A lot of photographers and designers use it. Instagram and Tumblr seem to be other top competitors. Depending on the target market, different social networks might be better choices. Contact us to hear more.