Compiling Roots Locally with PrePros for Windows



Prepros is a code compiler for Windows and Chrome and Roots ( is a framework that has been in development for at least 3 years I know of. It is a mobile framework often used for WordPress to develop mobile compatible websites. It has a “build process” or streamlined way to customize and develop your theme. But it requires compiling code with a complex system of terminal commands and JavaScript etc. Terminal commands require Secure Shell (SSH). SSH is usually only available for those who purchase a virtual private server (VPS) from a web host, which is usually not the base level and much more expensive then base level hosting. Most clients don’t know and wouldn’t understand – they would just here “I need more money from you than I expected”. Which is bad. So I was looking for a FREE way to easily compile the code and stay just as streamlined in my process. Best I got is the default version of Prepose and manually compiling the code. I wrote a post about this and sure enough Google got it. Hopefully this continues to happen and I use my social media and website pages to get some recognition for my time spent researching these EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND INTEGRAL TOPICS…


Modern marketing + modern technology = intensive online marketing = mobile compatible websites = build process (WordPress >> Roots >> Prepros compiling etc).. I.E. if you want to spend 1 dollar and make 9 marketing today, this process will inevitably be in effect in one form or another. Any this research was for the inexpensive way. It is ongoing but I believe I have the answer or at least two options:

1. Change Roots so that instead of a Grunt file, that dictates what files to grab and compile, that each file has the appropriate pre-append codes needed for Prepros.

2. Do something SIMILAR to #1 except it would be cool for it to be available in the WordPress Dashboard. I.E. You should have a place in the WordPress dashboard that says “Add CSS in <head>” “Add JS in <head>” “Add JS before </body>”. This code should AUTOMATICALLY compile (similar to how Grunt does) <– I think I am going to make and sell a child theme that does this. ERGO I want to make a child theme for Roots, to sell maybe, that people can use to EDIT it easier. Because that is the struggle, you can make pages and templates fairly easily, but adding CSS and JS becomes a pain in the ass – and is needed like 100% of the time. It would be even cooler if it were a plugin like Advance Custom Fields {ACF} or Conditional Widgets but instead you could have custom CSS and JS per page THAT ALSO GETS COMPILED <– key factor here.

EDIT: 6/3/2014

Still good, so far no major issues doing it this way – except being limited to local edits to CSS and JavaScript – and recompiling with Prepros which is just a little tedious.