Share Posts from Your Site to Social Networks with NextScript’s SNAP for WordPress

Nextscripts SNAP or Social Network Auto-Poster is an excellent resource for off-site SEO. A huge factor in SEO these days is the social element. Is your website tied to a social media profile? Is that profile getting interaction? Is traffic coming from your social networking posts to your site? Well, this is great way to get started. Share posts from your site to social media accounts!

Two big advantages you will gain:

1. Get your writing more content

You should be posting every week. Blank social media pages will be staring you in the face, begging to be filled. With SNAP it will be a breeze. Just login to your WordPress site, make a post, and share it to as many pages as you would like.

2. Get more interaction

First, likely post quality will go up. You will spend less time going from social network to social network, logging in, etc, so you will have more time to focus on how good your post is. This will allow users to enjoy what they are reading more being that was more thought out in advanced.

Secondly, when you share a post from your site to your social media accounts, with Nextscript’s SNAP plugin, posts will link back to your site. Meaning, when the reader is enticed to read your article, they click and are redirected to your site, where they can read the full version. Google, Bing, and Yahoo not only see people visiting your site from social media networks they also see how long they stayed and if they visited any other pages.

Imagine that a like on a post linking to your site, is equal or better potentially, then another site linking to your site, because for one thing Facebook and Twitter etc are high ranking sites and two Google has decided to set social interaction aside as something even more important they regular internet interaction, or important separately. I.e. it isn’t just about getting links back anymore, now it is also important to be social and socially relevant.

The pro version is $50 but well worth it as the free version does not share to business accounts: