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Magento Multiple Channel Integration


We have been increasingly busy. Checking out a lot of Magento applications. We are trying to improve on our methods of delivering intelligently streamlined e-commerce solutions.. Our hope is to find the easiest, most intuitive, forward compatible, and cheapest way to do commonly needed tasks such as, synchronizing EBay and Magento, PayPal, Quickbooks, UPS WorldShip, USPS, FedEx, and handle held scanning devices for both 1D and 2D product barcodes and shipping labels. We want to synchronize product details and quantities, client billing and shipping information, across a multitude of platforms. Check out some of the software we are currently looking into:

This plugin allows you to integrate with many channels, include EBay, EBay Motors, and Amazon, but may require extra work on Magento to get desired reports and some additional 2 way synchronization that is not exactly necessary. I do believe it gets all of the order data, but I am not sure of its reporting capability. My associates believe this will be a Magento routine.

Haven’t test this, but it is the phone app option for barcode scanner. Should work to update quantity of products, but as for shipping synchronization I am not 100% sure it does anything of the sort.

This is the same, except with a physical scanner. I have test MANY MANY phone scanning apps and NONE seem to be easy to use or accurate. This may not be true for specific phones, but we must do more research. We would hope to take up on this project in the near future and get both physical and phone scanning apps that work, and weight the pros and cons. Smart phones cost money, just as physical scanners do but they can do more… much much more… anything you can imagine (programmed into a custom app even) but would be dependent on the camera of the phone for accuracy and ease of use.

This would allow you to synchronize your Magento store, and EBay and Amazon etc, customer and order information with Quickbooks, however, this would not take care of shipping, tracking, PayPal, and then EBay etc. So you would need other integrations either between Magento and these platforms or Quickbooks and these platforms.

ALL OF THIS WORK COULD BE DONE in a different way. 100% custom on your Magento site USING EACH SEPARATE API. This requires expert level precision and thoroughly planned out project objectives, for accurate pricing. Small differences in reports or integration or synchronization features could add up to a lot of work, so it is good to know upfront what is expected in these cases. I typically think around $4,000-$5,000 is appropriate for 100% synchronization of all API and all features regarding online selling, up to the scanner (without cost of actually scanners), for tracking and inventory, etc, EVERYTHING $4-5K. But less features can be included instead, saving money. Some API could be skipped – heck the scanner could easily be skipped, but any part of the process that is skipped IS TIME YOU HAVE TO PHYSICALLY DO SOMETHING OR PAY SOMEONE ELSE TO.