Graphic Design

Brand Development Package Starting at $ 300

OMNIA’s Brand

Chic, Upscale, yet Acquiescent

A complete brand includes the company’s name, fonts, color palette, and -most likely- logo. At OMNIA we specialize in creating designs that are chic, upscale, yet acquiescent. There are many factor that play into developing a brand besides it’s aesthetics -that is why our graphic designers take a holistic marketing approach to ensure that your brand achieves the end goal -get you more clients! Every aspect of your brand can and should convey a message about your business- preferably one that resonates with your targeted consumers. In addition, your design should be unique -so you can stand out against your competitors- and versatile – for all of its potential applications.

We will take you through an easy and exciting process in which we get to know you and your business vision, then use that information to make your ideas reality. Each review comes with customized color palettes, icons, hand picked fonts, and overall branding options, including our top choices.  We love to get it right on our first try and if we do that’s great! We can then wrap it up, into one branding package to be used in all your creative for all your marketing.

Do not be worried ,however, if you are not completely sold on the design. We include a (3) three review process to ensure you walk away with a brand you are excited to share.

We would be honored to design your new brand! Contact us today to get started.

No brand is complete without a recognizable “logo”.

A logo is a company’s visual representation of itself. The two big components to making logos are the typography and any graphic image. The logo is a quintessential part of a brand and having a recognizable one working to your marketing advantage.

Here are the three most common logo types we design

Terri Romanoff Newman Logo


A symbolic logo is a literal or abstract image that represents the business.


These are uniquely styled text logos that spell out the company or brand name.

Combination Marks

These types of logo utilize both aspects of the symoblic and wordmark logos.

Choose the colors that say much more

Your brand’s colors should compliment the type of business you have. Colors can convey different emotions and so when choosing a color palette it is important to consider the sentiment of your service. This color palette example to the left is warm and inviting, perfect for a psychologist office brand. Using the custom tools on colourlovers, we can create or find the palette that completes your brand.

Dimension and Texture

What dimension will make my design more modern? Which texture fits my concept? Asking these questions will help you figure out whether to go with a flat and minimal design or one that is 3D and complex.

Font categories and Personality

Fonts can display the personality of your brand. Serif fonts are traditional and professional while Sans serif fonts are modern and tech-like. Script fonts are sophisticated and feminine and handwriting fonts tend to be casual and personal. Using Google Fonts we search for fonts that are compatible with your business’s personality and provide you with a list to pick from.

Templates $ 100.00 – 600.00+

300.00 Full Template

100.00 Partial Template

Full Template

A full template consists of the homepage, full width w/ no sidebars, right sidebar, left sidebar, footer, and blog/archive. These fully  customized templates are styled based on your brand- namely the color palette, fonts, and the dimension and texture.

Partial Templates

You might only need a customized template or two for your website and that is what we consider a partial template. This could be a staff or portfolio page, for example. A powerful brand is one that is consistent and uniform and we use this knowledge to ensure that whatever design we create fits in harmoniously with your whole website or look.

*Each package comes with a three (3) review process to ensure that you are satisfied with your new designs.

300.00 Full Template

100.00 Partial Template

Works just like Website Template Design. *Additional reviews are given at our discretion. **May be additional charges if design requires 3D modeling, call for a quote.

Print Design

We develop beautiful and professional multipurpose brochure template designs. Brochures are advertising pieces used to introduce your company or organization and to inform a targeted audience about your product or mission. Our goal is to work with you to create a unique brochure design that reflects your brand.

Brochure can be single sided or up to six sided, depends on its purpose and the amount of content you wish to include.

Here are the prices for the different types of brochures

Flyer (font and back)

$ 200.00

Bi-fold (font and back)

$ 375.00

Tri-fold (font and back)

$ 550.00

  • Presentation folder with inside pockets – $ 400.00
  • Double-sided insert – $ 200.00
  • Booklet design – $ 250.00 + $ 50.00 per page.

Furthermore, we put just as much time in ensuring that the layout and content of your brochure is marketable and effective to potential customers and/or participants.You receive up to three (3) reviews* where we meet to discuss, critique, and approve your designs.

3D Modeling and Animation 25.00 / Hour

Download video: MP4 format | Ogg format | WebM format
With the help of Blender (, a 3D modeling program and animation program, we can make vivid and life-like images and movies. We can make objects as real as the ones around you. We can animate them to do whatever you would like. We charge $25.00 an hour, and projects can range from 10-100 hours. Please contact us for a quote.