Everything Else

Domain Hosting, Web Hosting, and Email Hosting

We have a solution for whatever hosting you need. Typically websites need a domain to be registered and web hosting for the files for the site. We usually get everything we need for a client site from IPage, found at www.ipage.com. We choose them for their price, which we pass on to our clients, and for their flawless 24 hour support. They typically cost between $50-150 depending on how many years you get. We recommend getting 5 initially, and renewing every 3 years. You ALWAYS want to have 2 years of domain registration. The bundling just keeps it simple

IPage has been amazing to work with over the years, we can’t recommend them enough. Although, at OMNIA we can work with any hosting you already have in place.

We also urge our clients to change their emails to an email address hosting on their site (i.e. for OMNIA, our site is www.unaomnia.com, and our contact email is info@unaomnia.com). This makes it easy for your clients to remember your contact or be encouraged to visit your site. If you do not have an email hosting solution, we can also take care of this for you. Most web hosting packages include email, or can include email for a small fee. IPage hosting often includes email, free and unlimited.

Google Analtics, Webmaster Tools, Keyword Planner, Local Listings, Plus, and more.. GOOGLE!

It is safe to say we like Google. Thing is EVERYONE goes on Google. This is not to say that people do not go on Bing or Yahoo! or any of the other search engines. Studies have just shown that the vast majority of users go to Google, and then Bing, and then Yahoo!, and then any other site, and almost never any other site. Therefore, Google is where we want your site to show up, and then on Bing and Yahoo! and everywhere else. So, we play by Google’s rules, by following up to date release’s from Google and by using their own tools for our research. We also can optimize your Local Listings and Google Plus accounts. See our Search Marketing or Social Media Management pages for more information.


We use advanced photography equipment, like high tech cameras and lenses, to take brilliant and eye-catching shots.  We plan ahead to ensure we capture the images and concepts you need and envisioned. Once your shoot is done, you get billed for the time during the shoot, rounding to the nearest .1 of an hour (rounded to the nearest 6 minutes). You get exclusive rights to any images taking during your shoot. From there you can request raw or edited formats, and in addition, you may also request graphic design with use of your photos, etc. For more information on our graphic design services and pricing, visit the graphic design page. Contact us for pricing.

Video Production

Right along side photography, we offer video production. You get video footage and a completely edited video with exclusive rights. You can submit a screen play or just detail what you would like to see in your video. The video can include staff , actors, or even animated characters. We can assist in casting if necessary. We charge for on set and off set. Contact us for pricing.

Audio Production

In need of a catchy jingle or backtrack? Let the artists at OMNIA feed your audiences mind threw the ear. Our experienced studio production team will make your track unique, fresh, and exactly what you are looking for. Contact us for a quote.

Direct Advertising

Does your office send out direct mail advertising? We have the cheapest solutions, and graphic designers ready to create your direct advertising material. Whether it be a Christmas card, newsletter, letterhead, billboards, t-shirts, flyers, brochures – you name it, we can create, print, and ship it. Contact us for a quote.

Email Marketing

If you have been collecting contacts for a long time, it is likely you have a ever growing list of emails. You can put these emails to use via e-mail marketing. Generally, the email list can be copied to Excel, and exported as a .csv file, and used to mass send emails. These emails will have eye catching templates, and personalized information, like the receiver’s first name. At OMNIA, we can ensure these emails make it through spam filtering, blacklisting, etc, by controlling throttling and utilizing other important mass emailing techniques. Contact us for a quote.

Event Management

In person marketing can be a strong tool for lead generation and brand promotion. OMNIA encourage’s it’s clients to plan and host, or at least attend, large events. These events should be practical and industry based, intended to promote the brand and networking, to seek out potential clients, partners, and reliable service providers. It can be crucial for some of our start-up clients to try to make public appearances from time to time, especially for sole online businesses. This can also be extremely important for business with more expensive products or services, such as law firms seeking large contingency fee cases or automation manufacturers. Contact us to talk about some events that your company can attend or host.