Great Places to Find Copyright Free Images

What are copyright free images and why do would anyone need them? Unfortunately, one cannot simply use any old image on one comes across in commercial advertising. The original artists or photographers often want to be paid or get some credit for their work, but their are many artist that have opted to share their … Continued

Bootstrap Framework in WordPress Visual Editor Without HTML

Bootstrap Theme’s Problem (SOLVED) When I set out to find a Bootstrap 3 ( shortcode generator, I ran into many solutions. So the key was to identify the problem I was attempting to solve. Really my research stemmed from the use of Roots theme ( for most of my clients seeking full custom designed mobile … Continued

Add Extra Fields to WordPress With Advanced Custom Fields {ACF}

{ACF} or Advanced Custom Fields is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to add boxes to your page and post editing screens, and then use those boxes in your theme. That way you can have more boxes then Title, Content, Featured Image, and Excerpt, the possibilities are endless. Below I have shared a … Continued

Magento: A Powerful and Advanced eCommerce Platform

  We have been increasingly busy. Checking out a lot of Magento applications. We are trying to improve on our methods of delivering intelligently streamlined e-commerce solutions.. Our hope is to find the easiest, most intuitive, forward compatible, and cheapest way to do commonly needed tasks such as, synchronizing EBay and Magento, PayPal, Quickbooks, UPS … Continued

Compiling Roots Locally with PrePros for Windows

  Prepros is a code compiler for Windows and Chrome and Roots ( is a framework that has been in development for at least 3 years I know of. It is a mobile framework often used for WordPress to develop mobile compatible websites. It has a “build process” or streamlined way to customize and develop your … Continued