Latin for “The One and Only”


Latin for “Everything”

Our Mission

Una is a Latin word that means ‘the one and only’ and omnia, also Latin, translates to ‘everything’. Our organization is called “UNA OMNIA”. “OMNIA Design and Marketing” is but one branch of the OMNIA brand, specifically geared towards online design and marketing.

We named our organization this way for many reasons. One is that our goal is to offer the ideal solution in every industry. We want not only to offer the best quality and lowest prices but ensure that we go to the moon and back to meet clients’ needs.

Our Services

When it comes to online design and marketing, the list of services you may need can seem endless – each service affecting the progress or success of another. For example, advertisements requires creative, which can rely on graphic design, which further relies on a concept, idea, or brand. Getting the brand to the designer involves client interaction and project management.

At OMNIA Design and Marketing, we handle everything. We can take over entire campaigns or be a congruent piece to larger puzzles, filing in where we are needed. We are always scale-able so you can take just what you need.

Do you have a brand? Color palette? Logo? Website? Is your site mobile compatible? Are you on ranking high in search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo? Are you interacting on social media? We will build and promote your companies brand to be chic and upscale, yet professional and acquiescent.

Staff and Locations

Our firm is made up of a small network of highly skilled professionals, practicing state-of-the-art techniques in graphic design, search marketing, social media management, and web development. When you call you get a real person, who’s eager to listen. Our approach is both streamlined and effective.
Since our launch on January of 2011, we have worked with many clients across America in states such as Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin. Made possible by in office meetings and/or telecommuting, our network of professionals in their respective fields can provide you with high quality work too. Contact us today, we are excited to work with you.

This photograph of Theodore M. Wallerstedt II was taken in a subway station near downtown Chicago, Illinois, by our Creative Director, Maria Clement.

About Our Founder

Beginning as a customer service representative for e-commerce companies such as YourHotCar.com and OriginalCarAudio.com, Theodore M. Wallerstedt II, or Ted, began to gain experience in online design and marketing. Soon there after Ted worked as a paralegal for a family law firm, Goldstein Law Office, P.A., where he was allowed to work on the firm’s marketing.

Networking with other law firms allowed Ted to utilizing his skills for many firms, honing his craft in law firm portfolio design. Eventually, Ted realized he could help many business and organization marketing their products and services online, just the same as he had for the law firms and e-commerce stores he had worked for so far. Soon he began work full-time as a freelance web developer and graphic designer.


For more information on our founder, please view his resume, available online and any time.

After gaining a few years of experience in the online design and marketing industry, Ted realized he had aquired the knowledge and acumen he needed to facility a full service design and marketing firm. He only needed to take on the role of a project manager, rather than a full time artist and programmer. Accruing a network of professionals, Ted eventually grew OMNIA Design and marketing to be composed of several innovative strategist, developers, and artists. OMNIA Design and Marketing is now prepared to take on any project related to design and marketing, be it direct or online.